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Casement Windows

Casement window
Casement windows are hinged at the sides. Casement windows project outward, providing significantly better ventilation than sliders of equal size. Because the sash protrudes from the plane of the wall, it can be controlled to catch passing breezes, but screens must be placed on the interior side. Virtually the entire casernent window area can be opened, while sliders are limited to less than halt of the window area.

FEATURES of Casement windows

Please Note:
Width Sizes — Minimum 16” to Maximum 36”
Height Sizes — Minimum 16” to Maximum 80”

About casement windows

A casement window, possibly the most common window that is used in a Toronto home and is applied within the various rooms in your home, such as the living room quarters, the dining room, the family room, all the bedrooms and the basement area as well. Casement windows are windows that are hinged at the side, which is different from other types of windows, such as awning windows, which have hinges on the top of the window. Even in kitchens in Toronto, you will find casement windows within newer homes and homes that have gone through a transformation and upgrade over the years. So, with a casement window being so common and with so many different options of companies in Toronto and the GTA, finding the right company for you is important.

Firstly, you can contact trusted friends to have them refer you a company in Toronto that will be able to offer you casement windows including product lines and manufacturing. If that is not an option the next option is to go and find a company on the internet by doing some research on your own or going to various locations within Toronto and the GTA to see what is right for you. One company in Toronto, however, that provides you with great, high quality vinyl manufactured casement windows is Canadian Windows and Doors, offering you free consultation services, to get all of your questions answered. Since we manufacture casement windows, we can provide you with a price that works well with any budget that you are working with.

We offer you with 3 different categories of window types to choose from regarding casement windows from our Classic collection, our Heritage collection and our Heritage Max collection. Each category offers you something different and you will be able to consult about each of the three different types that we manufacture. Some other features of our casement windows include solid frame construction for security and strength of the window. Also, our casement windows do not form condensation during humid weather, something that no one wants on there windows. We provide services throughout the GTA, not just Toronto such as Woodbridge, Vaughan, Thornhill, Richmond Hill and North York.

Contact us today for your free consultation service where we will have a sales representative be able to provide you with product line info and able to answer any questions you may have. Canadian Windows and Doors is your first choice in Toronto and the GTA for casement windows and that includes high quality engineered products manufactured by us selling direct to you. We sell all our products as manufacturers and we offer you great prices and will be able to provide you with casement windows upgrade for your home that you are considering in Toronto.

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