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Cardinal I.G. LowE Coating: Perfect for year round comfort and savingsCardinal I.G. insulated glass. Complete sealed units lowest failure rate in the world

Cardinal I.G. Superior LowE Glass Options Sealed Units Directly from the CARDINAL I.G. Factory
Customer's Choice’s insulated glass windows are manufactured with the very latest and most advanced technology. Edge deleted and sputter coated. Cardinal soft coat LowE products provide year round comfort and energy savings.

Cardinal LowE2 (272) and LowE3 (366) have excellent insulating capabilities, blocking heat loss to the outside and reflecting heat back into the room during the winter months while dramatically increasing comfort and liveability of your home the rest of the year by reducing excessive SHGC’s (Solar Heat Gain Coefficients) up to 65%.

Choose a coating to virtually eliminate (95%) of destructive UV rays or, if a higher E.R. racing applies. Cardinal 179.
To ensure that its glass units are of die highest possible quality. Customer's Choice Windows and Doors sealed glass units come directly from Cardinal IG - the world’s leading manufacturer of premium LowE insulated glass units for insulated windows.

Cardinal l.G. manufactures these glass units using Warm Edge Technology for maximum performance and longevity. They feature as an infrared applied polyester interface (unique to Customer's Choice Windows and Doors). Continuous reinforced corners, which eliminate vulnerable joints, and a chamber-filled argon spacer eliminating the need for drilling holes which are a significant cause of early seal failure. Industry studies show that Cardinal IG. sealed units have a remarkably low seal failure rate of only .002 after 20 years. This compares dramatically to the industry average of 9% after only 15 years (SIGMA study). Be sure, get Customer's Choice insulated glass.

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